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The Void Between Ps4 Updates

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So i have already moaned about how slow DE and Sony are when it comes to releasing content on ps4. But im not here to moan about that, instead i will moan about the problem caused. Warframe on ps4 feels on the verge of death. I can barely find a game in the star chart. I can only find games in the void and orokin derelict vessel. This may because people are losing interest in the game, the game then explodes back on to the scene when updates arrive though. When 13.7 hit everything was great but now warframe has once again become empty. What I am saying is that the slow updates and lack of a constant stream of new content leads to the game becoming empty. Oh well i will play in the void... AGAIN. also this was written on a tablet so please do not say stupid comments about the text being a 'wall', i want discussion not stupidity.

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