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New Ideas Suggested Where?


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Having trouble finding where to put suggestions (4 hours sleep might have something to do with that), so I ended up here.  Ok, here goes:

1:  Mod - Short fuse / quick primer


Was using the stug and thought there might be a use for a mod that speeds up the delay of a weapons effect (that couple of seconds you wait for the exlposion, etc).  I know you can get around this via gameplay by spamming shots all over the joint so that one of them is timed right, but maxing out this mod could bring it down to almost instantaneous. 



2:  New planetary system / enemy faction


Some may have heard me banging on about this concept on other media, but this is the first time I've officially submitted it.  A new faction with a backstory that involves them being the creators of the Infested.  They created them to be their foot soldiers, drones, etc. but, as often is the case, they mutated into something completely and hideously different.  In order to save themselves and their system, they opened a wormhole and banished their creation - right into our laps!


I'm thinking they are (to tie in with the Infested creation angle) users of living weaponary / armour - docile, instinctual (they learnt from giving their creations too much freedom) but still alive.  Think snake whips and other melee weapons that strike where you want them but with their own animation / movements that imply instinctual "synergy" with their user.  Projectile weaponry that self aim to some extent when gunning down Tenno.  Armour that can rapidly change its form to meet different protective needs.  That sort of thing. 


To introduce them, Lotus can detect an echo of the original wormhole and inadvertently reverse engineer a return wormhole for you to investigate, only to find out it leads to another completely new planetary system and new race.  Upon this initial encounter, and upon them seeing Tenno in posession of Infested style weapons and armour, they determine that the Infested have survived.  Determined to finish what they started, they decide to eradicate them and everything in our system to be sure of effective cleansing.  Side plot may include the Infested trying to invade their system in return.

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If you consider DarkSector canon the Infestation was created by a certain Dr. Mezner as a bioweapon, but going by official Warframe canon the Infestation was created/unleashed by the Orokin in an attempt to use it against the Sentients. Didn't go so well, evidently.

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