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A Lot Of Primaries Are Weaker Than Secondaries


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As the title states. Lots of primary weapons are weaker than secondaries. Personally I just switch from Primary to Secondary when enemies level increase to the point of being a bullet sponge.

Probably it's  due to multishot mods on secondaries. Maybe it is time to make new multishot mod for primaries ?

Lets say 50% multishot ? That way it could stack to 140% with Split chamber. It wouldn't be too high, but there would be a chance for some extra damage.

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Well because if the weapon is not a crit based one, then there are many secondary weapons that are more viable.

A simple example would be Grinlok and Marelok.

They should be close with damage output since one is a shorter version of other.

But they aren't.

I use such builds for them :




and Marelok



As You can see the diffrence in firepower is huge. And it is not just number You can tell the diffrence ingame.

Ok I know Marelok is one of the best weapons in Warframe, but for example even akvasto or akmagnus would kill eniemies much quicker than most of Primary guns (I'm not including Boltor/Boltor P, Soma, Synapse and bows).

Akvasto :





And if the question is asked if I tried other weapons or am I just making empty assumptions.

Yes I have played and own most of the weapons ingame (except, lato p, skana p, and snipetrons). I often play diffrent weapons and try to get as much damage as I can (as long as it fits my gaming style - so no, I'm not allways going for the highest DPS).

The one conclusion I have is when situation starts to be more serious I tend to switch for secondary weapon, because they are more reliable.

So I thought that a new multishot mod would do the trick for Primary (main) weapons that are not based on crit or even stat builds.

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you can get more juice from the akmagnus by raising crit damage btw.

Yeah I know, 2500 dmg with more crit and chance for it is 55%, I just rushed in the warframe-builder and inserted fire elemental instead of target cracker :P My bad

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