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got bored figured i would see what has changed since i have even looked at warframe. just a few questions before i pull a comet and go back into the void of the internet.


1) have they fixed frost back to being a defense frame or is he still a shadow of his former self?


2) they still violate ember? or have they started on someone else?


3) they still do that thing where they say they are "not going to nerf" but they slam the nerf hammer it is the super slam brothers hammer?


4) does the infect have any solid home of their own other the O.D sinkhole?



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1.Frost is still a defense frame, he just needs a more active gameplay to be efficient.


2.Ember is great when you are able to do better than press 4 -> Run like a headless chicken


3.Has it ever happenend ?


4. Not yet, Salad V is coming back with the infested

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