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The Game Character You Hate The Most

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Hate me too then, coz i love to play him >:D


You are literally the devil.


"Oh look, that teemo's on low health...time to all in and get him!"


*blinding dart*


*walks over a mushroom*



*teemo laugh spam*

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From Metal Gear?


Nah. I loved it how Fourth-Wall breakers actually help realized the players that they are simply playing Video Games than fully having players completely immersed into something that doesn't really existed.

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There are a couple for me:
* Navi >.>
* Barry Burton (You were almost a Jill sandwich.....)
* Garrosh Hellscream (even on my horde chars I hate him with a passion).


And Neptune in the gamecube remake of Resident Evil and the Arch-Vile from Doom2. They both made me drop the controller and the mouse because they gave me heartattacks when I was young, and now they still do :(

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