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A Few Questions



A)How am I supposed ti survive with my penta not blowing up on my face? My own penta is the main reason I dir as excalibur or other squishy frames.

B)So I tried this on infested. I used banshee and used sonar then I shot them down with ny penta I noticed doing alit more kills but is it actually affected or was I just lucky.

C)What good weapon is there to go together with penta f9r mid range combat I use meele for close range but I end up killing myself when I use penta in close range

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Sonar discription from Wiki- "Using acoustic location, BANSHEE's SONAR power finds and tracks enemies, and exposes critical weak spots to everyone in your squad".

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A) Shoot your Penta and detonate the grenades away from you. It's not a shotgun, you know, it is supposed to be used from a distance.


B) Explosions cover all of the enemy's body, including Sonar's weakspots, so the damage multiplier applies no matter where you detonate.


C) For close range I recommend Detron or Brakk, Bronco or Bronco Prime if you find those difficult to obtain.

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