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Exterminate Infested Missions Cannot Be Consistently Completed.


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Have not searched the forums thoroughly, but it does not seem as though this has been reported yet.


The inclusion of the mutalist osprey to Warframe may have increased the likelihood of being unable to complete exterminate missions involving the infested.  This may be since the number of enemies killed is only increased by 1 whenever a mutalist osprey is destroyed, even if there is a crawler still attached to it.  Furthermore, the required number of enemies to eliminate also appears to increase by 1 whenever the mutalist osprey and its attached crawler are simultaneously slain.


Attached below is a screenshot that simply displays an incomplete kill count despite there being no remaining enemies with the navigation beacon directed to the nearby extraction point.  Will be checking the entire level in case there is still an area unaccounted for that can spawn the remaining enemy.




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Happens more often than many of us would like, not only with the infested, but during regular invasion missions too. It's an issue present for a long time, can almost be considered game breaking (sometimes they will refuse to spawn, even after 10min of running around, separately or together), I'm still wondering why they can't manage to find the issue behind this and fix it yet, but I really hope they do.

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