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Earlier today RedText invited people to add me to their friends list. This wasn't a prank (although if it was it would have been a pretty funny one); this actually help fix several bugs.


Since then I've gotten many PMs asking me what I was fixing: since it's pretty impractical to answer them each in turn I figured I'd better post something quickly to explain.


The core bug I was fixing was the bogus "Failed to send game invitation" error you'd get when trying to get someone into your mission from your friends list or recent players list. It turns out this was related to having both enough friends on your contact list in missions and those friends being far enough away from you that their ping is bad. When our local guys tried to reproduce this problem they had a difficult time because the lab is all on a LAN and they aren't often simulating network problems while in the menus (they also tend to have only a small number of active sessions running at once).


It turned out that the "rich presence" queries your friends-list runs to show you what your friends are doing was interfering with your ability to send invitations; the more active sessions, the higher ping, the longer this interference would last. 


As players from around the world started showing up on my contact list in varying states of play and with varying pings this bug became easy to reproduce and fixing it was easy; the presence queries no longer interfere with your invitation and as a bonus some aspects of your session state should replicate to your friends faster now.


So if you responded to RedText's call for assistance you probably contributed to fixing this bug (thank you!). 


Finally: while I appreciate the love, please don't be offended if I don't respond to PMs or accept your invitation to play -- I'm currently getting a fire-hose of these and there's no way I can keep up. On the weekends and evenings I often do play, though, so if you see me online feel free to jump into my session (no need to ask, just join). 

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Would this discovery also help relieve the issue of trying to join fellow Clan/Alliance Members? (Especially in very large ones.)
While I hadn't been able to contribute, I fully appreciate this effort and have hope that it only improves the social experience. Much love. :3

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