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Concept: Operation: Poisonous Passion


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Phase 1:




Lotus Transmission:

Tenno, thanks to our new Tenno based informant drones used from wreckage from grineer probes, I have discovered a disturbing deal, being led by Tyl Regor and Alad V. It appears that the grineer have a concerning talent, the ability to make a deadly poison just by using their blood and knowledge of blunt technology. On Alad V's part of the bargain, he has agreed to give Tyl Regor enough credits to allow him to start his research on grineer cloning, unbalancing the war efforts. Alad V is going to use this Toxin to bombard the corpus with poisonous bombs, even though it is against our enemies, we must stop him to keep the balance. Go to the toxin factories and destroy any grineer blood samples. I will speak to you once you have completed your assignment, good luck Tenno.


Actual Objective:


Destroy 10 grineer Toxin Refineries located on the star chart, it will be located in a similar manner to the Cicerio Crisis.  




Poisonous passion badge


Time: 5 days


Phase 2: 




Lotus Transmission:

Good work Tenno, here is your reward (Badge), but that will only halt the progress for a few weeks, now we need to strike Alad V's somewhat pitiful economy. I have received intel from one of our drones that Alad has stashed his funds in a heavily infested corpus ship. Go to the stash and sabotage his funds by placing charges on the multiple areas his credits are stashed in. You will be rewarded greatly Tenno.


Actual Mission:


Sabotage Alad's Trade Funds located on the star chart, it will be located as above except on Eris.




Biotech body armor (Sort of like a mesh of machinery of infested, would be great if someone would lend their art skills =3)


Surprise Phase:


At the end at possibly a Prime time, they could probably add a similar cinematic with Regor in place of Hek giving this message to Alad V.


Intercepted Transmission :

ALAD, why are you lying!!?? I NEED those funds! You always blame it on tenno don't you greedy milk filled bone head. If you do not deliver my demands, I will KILL ALL YOU AND YOUR "INFESTED PROXIES" , AND WHEN IM DONE, I AM GOING TO DELIVER A NUKE TO ERIS!!


Actual Mission:


Eliminate the grineer attack fleet and sabotage the Formorian nuke delivery ship deployed above Eris.




Formorian Sydanna  ( A sydanna made of formorian tech and blunt grineer technology)

Time: 3 days





At the end at possibly a devstream or something of sorts a cinematic with Infested Alad in place of Regor.


Intercepted Transmission 1/2:

Ah, Tenno, Alad was not lying when he said his stash had been blown up...-tssk- -tssk-. You, you of all people, made me issue a bombing, I am usually quite subtle, but now I have to issue something to go and kill you for me.


Intercepted Transmission 2/2:

Regor: Councilor Vay Hek, your majesty, I would like to propose a deal.

Councilor VH: Speak Underling, and make it quick, I am not in a good mood after the Tethera fiasco.

Regor: Understandable, but I require your new prototype "M-A-N-I-C" units to deal with a pain in my neck.

Councilor VH: GRRR.. I am not going to give you to them, they still need major upgrades. I will not GIVE THEM TO THE LIKES OF YOU, FOR ANY REASON.

Regor: My part of the deal is I repay you in blood money from the Tethera Fiasco.

Councilor VH: DONT EVEN SPEAK OF THAT DAM- wait, did you say TENNO BLOOD?!?

Regor: Yes, Majesty.

Councilor VH: Fine, grunt, you have a deal, but I am giving you a limited amount, if you fail....YOU WILL SUFFOCATE IN THE ENDLESS VACUME OF SPACE. Got it?

Regor: Yes, your highness.


Actual Mission:

Destroy 30 MANIC (See the Enemies of the Tenno Grineer winner entry, I do not own the actual concept, nor do I personally know the creator, insert more copyright here) units in the grineer galleon in any mission.




Manic Grineer becomes a permanent mob. (Will happen regardless if you do the event)


Brakk/Kraken Wrath (Think shoving a loaded nuke into a rpg figuratively.)


Time: 3 Days


I know it seems kind of lengthy, but I had a lot of stuff passing through my thoughts so, yeah.


Total Time: 16 days


Trophy: New Tyl Regor (For highest scored clan)


If you like this concept plzz follow upvote and comment, I will take polite criticism =3  










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Prolly Kraken Wraith in all hindsight... Brakk and Detron never gonna get any more love because not everyone has one and to give an upgraded Brakk away like that wouldn't jive.

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It will come out regardless, like the way the phobos tileset was released after Arid Fear if you get me,

even if 0 peeps participate, manic will come out. 

Yeah after tons of users complain to DE about wanting it to come back and then the forums go crazy and THEN THE END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT BEGINS TO CRUMBLE BEFORE OU-



What just happened?

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Aww... the surprise phases are not as surprising as intended now... :'(


And also yeah, the rewards should be better. We don't really need a Brakk Wraith, use some imagination... aaaaaaaaaaaaandd... a NEW weapon! Heh? Good idea, isn't it?!

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I was just saying the Kraken as a comparable sidearm, and only in that sense. I would really love to see the Grakata get Wraithed along with a large part of the community I would imagine, I couldn't see why it wouldn't be chosen as the next Wraith weapon when they come around again. Twin Gremlins and Miter Wraiths as well please!

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