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The Sovereign Colonies Need You!


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Come stay at the Sovereign Colonies, and leave the Earth behind!


The Sovereign Colonies are a semi-serious clan based off of the S.C.A.F. from Dead Space 3.

The clan won't be directly influenced (much) by the Dead Space games, but there will be multiple references to them and other games here and there.


Current clan size: 8 players


Having recently finished the Shadow Barracks, we are ready to open the clan up to more players.


Completed Research: All but ammo/health packs and the higher specter ranks.


We made sure to finish all Warframe, Sentinel, and Weapon research before opening the clan.


Who is the clan for?


Everyone, but most of the current members are Mastery 5 and above, with about half of the current members (as of writing this) are 10 and above. Don't worry about your Mastery Rank, but remember that some of us have been playing for a while and will have lots of strong weapons and frames. Most of the higher ranked members, including myself, will most likely be happy to help out any newer players in the clan.


Trading post? Dueling room? Orokin lab? Observatory?


We have everything listed above built except a dueling room, and the Observatory is most likely going to be moved soon. We also have a Temple of Honor building off of the spawn room, and a Treasury in the spawn room.


Will I ever possibly be promoted to Warlord?


No. Only two people in the clan may be warlord, and those two people are myself and Nyrakav. You may be promoted to General, though.


Steam Group?


Yes, we have a Steam group, and it is public, so you don't need an invite, but please don't join the group unless you are wanting to join the clan. There are some other things mentioned there that are half covered here, so go take a look if you're interested.






We are already part of an alliance, called Sky Shatter, and we already have a few rails done.




We currently don't really want to focus on events, so play them as you want. We mostly play them until we meet the reward requirements.


Other games we may reference include: Mass Effect, TF2, Metal Gear Solid/Rising, Payday, Bioshock, Half Life, and Titanfall.




                                                                                                  ᴍᴀᴋᴇ ᴜs ᴡʜᴏʟᴇ

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