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Powers And Pvp


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Some powers need to have some kind of PVP specific effect DE.


otherwise theyll' be usless.



I'm not sure about all the powers but i'm pretty sure what should be done with chaos and Mind control.


Both should enable friendly fire



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True, Loki's Decoy is painstakingly obvious. Perhaps make it resemble an idle player/Specter?


Some need a nerfing as well. Valkyr's Hysteria (Self-explanatory), Ash's 1 and 4 (Massive bleed/Instakill), as well as Vauban's Bastille/Vortex.


EDIT: Some more on topic stuff

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Mind Control used to magnetize, similarly to an Ancient Disruptor, that was a good and appropriate effect. I agree about Chaos causing friendly fire.


The thing about PVP is that it's actually a ninja game here with ninja related player skills being utilized, and warframes with inappropriate non-ninja themes tend to be less useful, like Nekros.

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There are already some powers with different effects in PvP.


For Example Radial Disarm makes impossible to shoot for some seconds, and deals some damage.


For the guy that mentioned Bastille, it have been changed too. Instead of completely paralyzing, it a slow effect similar to cold proc.


Other abilities that have been changed includes Rhino Stomp and others.


I think Hysteria, Shuriken and Bladestorm needs some balancing. And i say that because Valkyr is my "main" and Ash is my second favorite.


I have some suggestions on how to balance these powers on this topic: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/243533-things-that-needs-to-be-balanced-on-pvp/

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