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Selling A Massive Number Of Different Things

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Hello fellow Tenno's,

I've been playing since open beta and have accumulated an enormous surplus of a ton of different things, from mods to parts to keys. I want to make a fair deal for anything I have, and I will include a list of many of the more popular items and how many are available below. Please PM me if you are interested in any or all of the items I have.





Rifle Amp-1

Rifle Scavanger-2

Shield Disruption-2

Shotgun Scavenger-2


Corrupted Mods:

Corrupt Charge-1

Spoiled Strike-3

Critical Delay-1

Tainted Shell-1



Nightmare Mods:





Stunning Speed-2

Focus Energy-2

Rending Strike-3


Cicero Mods:

Virulent Scourge-1

Malignant Force- 3

Pistol Pestilence-1

Toxic Barrage-3


Prime Parts:

Bo Ornament-1

Boar Stock-4

Boltor Stock-2

Braton BP-1

Burston Stock-1

Dakra Handle-1

Ember Chassis-5

Frost Helmet-4

Latron BP-2

Latron Stock-1

Mag Chassis-1

Mag Helmet-1

Orthos Handle-2

Paris Lower-2



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