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Ember Prime


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With the more recent trend of primes being straight up better versions of the regular frame, I think it's time for DE to go back and take a look at Ember Prime.

Every prime, even excal prime, got something extra:
Excal prime: 1(2) extra polarity (1aura), higher shield recharge

Mag prime: extra polarity

Frost prime: extra polarity

(Start the Buffening)

Rhino prime: extra polarity, higher sprint speed 

Loki prime: 2 extra polarities, higher base energy.


Ember prime: nothing.

Sure her polarities got changed, but honestly, personally, I feel she's slightly inferior to regular ember if you haven't used any forma yet, heck if you are going to use the same amount of forma, they can wind up literally exactly the same.


I really like using ember prime regardless, but it's fairly obvious she has gotten the extremely short end of the stick here.

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Muhahahahaha...Am sorry, yea higher sprint speed that u barely see. Not a big improvement :D

With the arcane vanguard helmet he is tied with loki for top speed and that's not the point the point is he has something that makes him better than the original and Ember prime does not have anything and she is arguably worse than the vanilla Ember due to her aura polarity.

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