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With All My Time On The Forums, There Is One Thing I've Always Had Trouble With...



Where do you put feedback on enemies? I understand you put feedback and suggestions for bosses in Mission Feedback, but what about Common and Eximus Enemies? General? Mission? 


I've always had trouble deciding where to put feedback for their gameplay and mechanics, and I've decided to just go ahead and ask instead of simply relying on the Mods to move it every time. They have enough of that already. Does anyone (Administrators and/or Mods, specifically) know the best place to put Enemy Mechanics/Gameplay feedback?

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inb4 "moved to proper section"!


Though that was a joke, it happens constantly, so some helpful details on each feedback forum to just quickly explain what it is would be great (a pop-up that says "This is where players can ask other players about help with the game" when you mouse over them for instance, and a more detailed pinned thread inside it)

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