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Bg's Bargain Basement Blowout Sale

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Alright folks time for a yard sale! If you don't like my price feel free to list an offer on the following:

Prime Parts and Blueprints:

Akbronco Prime BP: 5p (x3)
Ankyros Prime BP: 5p (x3)
Bo Prime Ornament: 10p
Boar Prime Barrel: 10p
Boar Prime Receiver: 10p (x2)
Boltor Prime Reciever: 20p (x2)

Boltor Prime Barrel: 20p
Braton Prime BP: 10p
Braton Prime Stock: 10p
Burston Prime Receiver: 10p
Burston Prime Stock: 5p (x3)
Dakra Prime BP: 15p
Dakra Prime Handle: 5p (x2)
Ember Prime Chassis: 10p
Ember Prime Helmet: 5p (x6)
Fang Prime BP: 10p
Fang Prime Handle: 5p (x2)
Frost Prime Chassis: 5p (x4)
Frost Prime Systems: 5p (x2)
Latron Prime Barrel: 10p
Latron Prime BP: 5p (x4)
Latron Prime Stock: 5p
Loki Prime Helmet: 80p (x4)
Mag Prime BP: 15p (x5)
Mag Prime Chassis: 10p (x2)
Orthos Prime Full Set: 75p
Orthos Prime BP: 25p (x2)
Orthos Prime Handle: 20p
Paris Prime Lower Limb: 10p
Paris Prime String: 10p (x3)
Paris Prime Upper Limb: 10p (x2)
Reaper Blade: 15p
Rhino Prime Chassis: 30p (x7)
Rhino Prime Systems: 5p (x6)
Sicarus Prime Barrel: 10p (x4)

Mods (All Unranked unless states otherwise):

Flow: 10p (x5)
Strech: 3p (x4)
Fortitude: 15p
Energy Siphon: 20p
Equilibrium: 10p
Master Thief: 10p
Physique: 20p
Rage: 10p (x2)
Retribution: 15p
Rifle Scavenger: 15p
Serration: 10p (x7)
Burdened Magazine: 10p
Hornet Strike: 5p (x4)
Gunslinger: 5p
Hollow Point: 10p
Tainted Clip: 10p
Corrupt Charge: 10p (x2)
Virulent Scourge: 15p
Berserker: 10p
Energy Channel: 10p
Fired Up: 10p (x2)
Pistol Pestilence: 15p (x5)
Vicious Spread: 10p
Toxic Barrage: 15p (x3)
Shred: 15p

Thanks for looking!

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