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Possible Soon New Organization?(Kscpa)

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KSCPA-Kubrow Space Cruelty Prevention Association


So take care of those kubrows <3 Furry love.


(Obviously the KSCPA is not real but gotta take care of those Kubrows in U14)

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lol people would likely try to get rid of the kubrow they don't want we may need some type of adoption service lol or a absorption mechanic kinda like what we do when we capture our targets


Or just horde puppies. Puppy hording is best hording. I will not be satisfied until I have at least 101 black and white kurbrows at the same time. PUPPIES.

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Well I wouldn't say it's such a bad thing to let your Kubrow go. I mean from what I know every Kubrow you release goes on a planet, right? There he or she can do whatever the F they want while staying with us the only things they see are bullets coming their way and seeing Lotus' hologram saying "It's the Grineer".

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