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Can We Get Some Indication Of How Many Statues Are Left?

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Because of the limited run of 1000, with some unstated number of them only being sold in person (and I'm guessing the leftovers there will be added to the ones being sold online), I think it would be helpful for DE to add a counter to the store page showing how many are left. One example of it helping is that a friend of mine really wants one, but is unsure whether or not he can get the money in time before they sell out. A way of seeing how many are left in stock would help anyone in a situation like that see how close the store is to running out, letting them plan ahead a bit in how much or how little time they have left.

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I too would like to know how many are left. I really would rather wait to grab one next month, But if it's already running out and seems It won't last that long, I'd gladly grab it now.

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