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Hello everyone! Hope you are having fun :)


First of all, wasn't sure if I should post this here, or in Fan Concepts. It's kinda a feeback, yet it's also a suggestion. Please tell me if it's the wrong section so I can move it :)


Melee has become increasingly fun, and way more balanced since 2.0, and DEVs are doing a great job in making it, little by little, a viable alternative to gunfire, for all warframes.


Yet, Melee holds a big problem, and it's the channeling mechanic.

Since you can have a maximum number of mods, and you can't pick a full channel build, and a full normal build, you have to decide wether you go for full "normal" melee build, or for a channel one, alternating sometimes with 1 o 2 mods of the other nature, for specific situations.

This limits a lot the build diversity - I personaly love melee, it's so fun, great animations, and so many weapon options to pick from. But I would like to do a channel build, like, complete channel build, yet, it is not possible. Combo mechanics interfere with channeling, and channeling efficiency on most mods is so punishing, it makes it almost impossible.


Due to all this, this are my suggestions:


First of all, reduce the amount of penalty in mods. For example: while true steel gives 60% critical chance, true punishment barely gives 40%, yet, it also has a brutal channeling efficiency punishment of 60% (Which negates completely the best mod for increasing channeling efficiency - Reflex Coil).

Due to this brutal punishment, there aren't really a lot of warframes that can keep up the channeling, making it extremely hard to use it as a viable option.


Make 2 more slots, ONLY usable by channeling melee mods. That way, "normal" melee won't get overpowered, yet, people will be able to build their characters focused on channeling if they like to. Also, this would allow that, people who only will use channeling in very special ocasions, like life strike, can make their normal melee build, withouth loosing DPS or durability compared to their weapon counterparts, 


Create a channeling stance:

Allow players to pick from a third stance, which reduces channel costs, or increases channeling damage by a fair amount.


Hope someone finds this suggestions interesting, and that maybe, someday, they will be considerated.

Have a great day! :)

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Would quite like to see this happen, provided of course that you could still put channel mods in the "main" mod slots. This would allow both channel efficiency mods and some channel modifiers too.


Yeah, that's the idea. If you want to go just for normal melee, you have 2 slots in case you want to use life strike for example. You have your full build + channel backup. If you want to go full channel, you can use all mods for channeling, which needs to be more buffed due to poor quality mods for channeling.

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Currently, Channeling is a multiplier on the base damage of a weapon.


The base damage is affected by Pressure Point and Spoiled Strike.


The channeling bonus damage is affected by Killing Blow and Corrupted Charge.


If you want MAXIMUM DAMAGE for a weapon strike, you hit it with Pressure Point, Spoiled Strike, Killing Blow, Corrupted Charge, and 4 elements of your choice. Every other optimization is quality of life, or reducing damage to increase effectiveness against specific enemies. This will cost you around 10 energy per hit.


Channeling with this setup is going to give you around 2.5 times more damage than you would get without channeling.


Weapons with the highest base damage will naturally give the highest overall performance unless there is a damage multiplier in the stance mod.


So the current model seems to be to load out your weapons with the normal mods, and throw in one or two channeling mods to get the effects you want. If you're trying full status, there's a channeling mod for that. If you want extra crit, there's mods for that. If you want extra damage, there's mods for that. If you want extra utility, there's some mods for that, but all the channeling mods come at the cost of increased energy. One mod can be offset by Reflex Coil+Focus Energy, but overall, Channeling is only supposed to be a damage boost.


Charge Attacks were NOT replaced by Channeling.


Full Channeling build should mean 100% channeling uptime builds. These builds should include non-channeling mods as part of the BASE MODS because Channeling is a multiplier of the BASE DAMAGE. Most melee weapons can do enough damage without channeling though with how the game is now.


Note: I love you all, and this is not supposed to be an angry post.


Note2: This is how I understand the system to work. If I am wrong, I would appreciate correction. All current systems subject to change by the game publishers.

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