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Anyone Created A Special .cfg File To Help Me?


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Okay, i started playing this game in closed beta and only played it cos i was surprised i could run it with some settings on, Also record videos at 30FPS, mostly because all the missions was on ships, but I have been playing Warframe for a very long time i have played through the lag at 10FPS  leveling up my weapons, I don't want to stop playing Warframe but with all the new additions to Warframe i can't get a decent FPS just constantly so low. I do 1hour long survivals from OD with with the environments that are constantly hurting my FPS. I have been playing through lag for a long time... But lag does kill. 


I have played games i shouldn't be allowed to play as .cfg files have been made that allowed me to lower the quality in games so i was able to get better FPS so i could play them. But I can't seem to find any online that helps me reduce the settings lower than what the game allows me to low it, the maps are great but i just can't enjoy them if am moving as fast as a snail.. 


I just played a T1 Capture by myself and my game keeps crashing for no reason, I have lowered my settings to the lowest possible i have tired many things using game booster and so on. But I know alot of you say that get a better PC but i bought 3 Tiers of founder packs because i enjoyed playing the game but now my laptop can't handle it.


I'm just wondering is the some kind of mod out there? Or something in the files for me to switch stuff to "false" or "off" ?


Is it possible for the Devs to make it possible to edit games files? It's been said in the live streams to make warframe more playable for low end pc but i haven't seen it. I'm just looking for a quick fix I'm Mastery 16 playing so many games at such a low FPS.. Been avoiding Warframe for a while and by the looks of the new update coming in soon and new environments just be unplayable and would have to put warframe away.


Mod packs i have used are sweetfx and other shader configs on warframe but haven't worked that great.


Been trying to get the last piece of weapons and warframe but can't do it. Can't play earth no Hydroid for me... Void missions for loki/bo/wyrm prime farms are unbearable. 



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Eitherway try it via GUI Panel of your Graphiccard (nVidia Control Panel/ATI Catalyst) or try to change stuff at %appdata% assure that you are in the local folder, get to warframe and seek for your saved control-settings of account ABC.

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Buddy, here is what I do. Run game on windowed then resize window to be smaller until you find a decent FPS to run the game at.

Here is mine:



Hope it works for you! :)


PS. In menus the FPS is always higher, in-game is the correct measurement, I get around 20 FPS in the void.

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Thanks for the feedback. I'll give the whole windows mode a try. But i would like to play in fullscreen.



Could you explain to me how i switch off some settings i don't know exactly what to do I was looking that someone could do and send me some settings they use.


But now, windowed mode of 800x600 Lol, Will do for now.

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Open this file with notepad:



Resolution drastically affects the framerate so lower it under this line


But minimum fullscreen resolution is limited by your monitor, window mode resolution will adjust to how you scale the window, can be edited under this line


I have to use SizeX=960 SizeY=540 on my Quadro rig ._.



Edit: also...


set Launcher to disable DirectX11, enable Multi-threaded Rendering


disable in-game Display effects except Color Correction (does not affect framerate) and Dynamic Lighting (without it, models might become completely black at times) if possible.

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By the looks of it you can't change it to anything lower. If you want to see for yourself go to your C:\Users\usernamehere\AppData\Local\Warframe folder and open the EE.cfg file in a text editor (notepad++ is nice) and also open the folders with the random letters and numbers (you'll see) they both contain settings files, one of which is encrypted and you SHOULD NOT try to edit. while the other one has about half of the quality options. Also open it with a text editor. (EE.cfg is keybindings and all the way at the bottom some settings.)


BE WARNED: changing any of these settings means you do so on your own risk. If anything happens to the game please restore it to it's original files (make backups). There are reasons we don't have certain options in the menu for some games so please be careful with what you change.


I don't recommend changing it manually at all but if you have no choice it's worth a shot. Also by the looks of it most settings are a "on or off" type of thing and the others are low/med/high so I don't know whether you can lower it beyond the options menu.


The one thing I do recommend to make it playable is noveltyhero's reply with the windowed mode just above me here ^ that should help no matter what.

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Wow, thanks for all the helpful suggestions. I'll have to take turns and give these methods a try. Right now playing in windowed mode is going really well getting 40FPS+ in void missions.

Do not just play at windowed mode. Note the resolution, turn fullscreen on (fullscreen does always get a full performance lock, since windowed will allow other graphical stuff being refreshed and "leeching" your CPU/GPU as well), switch to the desired X:Y res and you are good to go.


About the control panel stuff, first of all, I must know which kind of GPU you are using. NVidia or ATI?


I can say for NVidia, since I am using that most commonly, got sometimes a few ATI rigs, but not really sure about the "expandable features" of that Catalst thingy.


NVidia CP is able to manually set up special graphic settings. Like forced "No V-Sync", becomes handy by indie developers, which are forcing V-Sync but not adding an option to disable it ... mouse lag guarantee! Disabling Anti-Aliasing. Forcing Multithread (Multi Core-Rendering, that's what I actually use on my Render Software like 3Ds Max Design and Modo), a must have! Changing Frame Threads per second, and so on.


A fully "tweak your graphics, where games won't allow"-In-Built-Tool.

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