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Ember Overheat = Loki Invisibility... Ember Without Overheat Is Loki Without Invisibility


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Oberon's ok, but all he really has is Renewal.  His 2 needs CC and his 1 needs to be fixed so that the secondary projectiles actually hit things.  4 is dull, as are all radial nukes, but the stasis bug on 4 is useful CC at the cost of more energy.  

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Play ember as a Pyro from TF2, you will not regret it.


You also won't survive it.


Aside from there being no Quick Thinking in that build, relying on Ignis means you're limited on range. A lot. And that you're hoping to deal enough damage to kill enemies before they retaliate. And that's not even taking into account that it's not a fine point of balance to rely on a specific weapon to make a frame work. Any CC at all will end in death; an Ancient's long-range grab, a Heavy Gunner's knock-down, anything that interrupts what would have to be a constant stream of Accelerant casts.

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90% DR isn't really OP on Ember only if she doesn't get to keep a cheap spammable skill to increace her damage. It won't be OP also if it brings in some mitigations like halving the damage her abilities do, or like replacing Accelerant as her second skill.

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Here is the reason I believe Ember will not be op with fireblast + accelerant combined. Novas molecular prime deals 2x damagelislow down, and chain kills.


Fireball: stays the same.

Fireblast + Accelerant = Excite:, just making up a name here, will proc fire, give a 2x damage multiplier on all fire based attacks.

Overheat: should give 75% - 90% damage negatioin, chance enemy melee attacks proc fire, and slight speed buff.

World on Fire: stays the same. This ability combined with Excite will not be op because, it have a chance to deal fire damage, and is not guranteed.


Final Idea: Keep everything the way it is and give World on Fire innate overheat. This would not be OP considering the duration is very short, and the only way to get any real usefulness out of it would be to us continuity, constitution, and narrowminded. Narrow minded would debuff the range balancing it. This would also make more sense, and allow ember to be protected in her slow cast animation, move faster to hit more enemies, and allow Ember the protection she needs when getting close enemies so world on fire can inflict damage.


Fireblast 100% proc chance, larger radius, and full circle.

Accelerant stays the same but proc fire instead of stun.


^This is probably the best idea so far.

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