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Nyx's Psychic Bolts


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Hey guys,


So Nyx. She is almost perfect. Almost.


Here is what I propose the Psychic Bolts do,


All three bolts go into the closest enemy's head and then for 3 seconds they continually do the damage they do now. If the enemy is killed, 4 bolts explode out to the next nearby enemy and so on stacking on bolts.

The enemy does 25% of the damage it should do during this time, cause their minds are getting fuuuuudged :P


Maybe limit it to 1 or 2 casts to balance it but personally this would be a good change or limit the damage increase per jump


Option 2:

I find this option slightly more interesting with a hint of RNG (abilities should try and be more risky sometimes ^^)

Chance based:

35%-Deals normal damage

25%-Deals 20%-40% (random) less damage

30%-Deals 120% damage

10%-Deals 160%-200% damage


This gives her what the bolts were intended for (quick damage) and can be a debuff to 1 single enemy at the time.





Good? Bad? Any suggestions?


Thanks! :)


Some alternate idea for the psychic bolt added

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