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Survival Rotation Question.



I've tried searching the forums for this info, I've tried figuring it out myself, I think I may be too stupid in all honesty.


As far as I can tell this is how its supposed to work in a normal A, B, and C rotation:


5 minutes - reward from rotation A


10 minutes - reward from rotation A


15 minutes - reward from rotation B


20 minutes - reward from rotation C




I've been farming loki prime doing T-1 Survivals they only have rotation A, and rotation C. How does this work exactly? I figured it would be all rotation A rewards until the 20, 40 or 60 minute mark. 


Running multiple survivals it doesn't seem like this is the case... 


I'd really like to know how T-1 Survival rotations work, or at the bare minimum, know what minute mark I have a chance at Loki's part so that I can farm as efficiently as possible. 


Thanks in advance. 

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you are correct when ya thought every 20 minutes a C rotation came around, it however isnt just loki part in that rotation so like youve obviously noticed it tends to give you everything else as well. rng is rng 

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OP you are correct aiming for the 20 - 40 min mark for the Loki is the best you can do, although the part dropped for me on the 40 min mark. when I farmed this part I thought it was a lot easier to do 40 min solo runs. had it 2 or 3 times on the 40 min mark, also have not seen it at 20 min mark! hope this helps. also find this to be the case with the helmet from T4

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It's just weird, I was cross referencing the drop table on my laptop while playing and some of the 20 minute rewards weren't from rotation C, which is what was fueling my initial confusion.

it is pretty annoying when you hit the 20 and 40 mark for lets say,,,,, a boar prime part when pre patch these was very easy to obtain,,diluting the drop for the loki chassis further

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