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[Open Recruitment] The Krew


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Welcome Tenno!                                                          LmCtyp7.png

                                                                                        ^Custom clan logo^


We are a clan experienced players, and our objective is to aid others within the clan, but keep in mind, we do have a set of policies that provide fairness throughout the clan.


Like all clans, we have perks that come with our membership


  Custom clan emblem                                                                


  All clan weapons and warframes are unlocked


  Everyone has open access to our dojo


  We have an Alliance with 12 other clans for Dark Sectors


  Great leadership to provide you instant information of major clan changes


  Massive and up-to-date dojo


  Dojo parties hosted by the leader himself (Theasiancodgamer)


  Tax free clan


  Active members


  Willing to expand to a moon clan 


Dojo parties is whenever the leader requests everyone to join in the dojo. By doing so, the clan will get to know you better. Plus you get the opportunity to test your tenno skills, and trade with a majority of the clan. (This isn't mandatory)


Stated earlier on, we have policies to protect every member of the clan.


  Do not beg/request for premium platinum currency


  All players have the right to ignore/turn down your call for help


  ​Rude members will have a fair process of expellment  


If you have any questions, feel free to ask me, and remember everyone's invited to The Krew



^(I could only record on my outdated PC because it also contained my editing studio ):)^


Members shown on trailer:




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