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Orokin Vault Missed


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Hello DE. I always play the Derelict Exterminate mission solo trying to farm the Corrupted Mods, and this is the first time it happens. After kill all the enemys, I start the Vault hunt, but this time the Vault simply don't spawn. I spend more than one hour looking every place, and every door, opened or not, and the Vault wasn't there. It's not impossible that I just don't find the right place, i know, but i figure out something on the map.





Can you see that place? The tiles simple don't connect, even with a door on the other side. Maybe the Vault don't spawm because the spawn door/location where obstructed? Thinking about it, it's not impossible too, right?


Please DE, it's a map bug or I just not search enough?


Nway, thanks for your attention.

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