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Just A Short Story


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BTW sorry for the errors i couldn't screwed Editing it feel free to do it your self tho







As I stood there with my hands resting on the Nikanas Handle I had one word run through my head “Honour” I was interrupted by a sweet voice of lotus telling me my objective

it was another Defence mission on another cold planet... I hate cold planets.


I was to protected a Fellow Tenno in cryo statics From the infestation. It would seem easy enough. I was on edge though early that day I revived message from another Tenno that I had been marked by the Stalker.


I stood there for a second as I looked over at the pod Just another Defence mission I walked over to pod and activated the beacon. Lotus then informed me to hold out until Reinforcements arrive, Which mind adding takes them forever. Whatever the case I looked over my shoulder to see the Factory blast doors open letting loose 30 plus infested.


I get into combat Stance, as they get lose I Grip the Nikana's handle Harder waiting for the right moment. I look at the Pazza Sugatra when it suddenly Shutters violently. My visor begin to go dark red “could it be no” I though to my self but I couldn't let a red visor distract me.


As I pulled the Nikana from its sheath the grinding of the blade echoed as I withdrew it. Just before the blade landed its first victim I powered Energy through the Handle into the blade for extra Penetration. I felt the blade cut through its first victim, then a second and then a third I pulled out my sidearm to quickly dispatch a disruptor it but had already began to lunged at me.


It caught me off guard I only had a split second to react I let my sidearm slip out of my hands as I when to put my other hand to grip the Nikana for more defence. Like I said I hate ice cold planets, once the Disruptor had hit my blade I lost my footing a slipped on to my back side accidental throwing my Nikana into a glacier. I suddenly got my feel then activated Crush. To killed everything in the area.


Just in time the shield for the pod was just broken but was now recharging. Forgetting my visor was red and all static I went to pull my Nikana out of the glacier. Then a transmission poped up on the right side instead of the left “everything has consequences” everything them ehrn purple then everything when back to normal So I thought


while trying to pull my Nikana out still I heard Ice cracking but it was not coming from in front of me it was coming from behind, I turned to See a red and black warframe appear out of no where then he pointed an said “Prepare to die Tenno” he pulled a gun off his back with out hesitation began firing. I dived behind a Glacier while pulling my soma off my back.


I was in a vulnerable position. Then I looked over my should to see a Scythe Blade Land its self in my shoulder. It pinned me to the glacier. I was bleeding I could see my health meter slowly going down. I looked over to my right and coincidently my Vasto was there. I reached out and grabbed it lucky I was able to reach it.


Once I had it in my hand Stalker appeared infront off me. I began firing but he would just block it with an iron skin like shield. I dropped the vasto an brought up the soma *Click* I look at the somas mag and its completely destroyed. This is it im going to die as the Stalker grabbed his Scythe 's handle an pulled it out I dropped to the floor and began to craw to my Nikana even though it was stuck in a glaier


I was a few feet from it when the Stalker wrapped his arm around my throat whispered


“Sleep my Dear Tenno” As he finished his line I felt a sharp pain in my back. Then I looked down and saw a blade sticking out of my gut. It then withdrew its self as my head hit the ground hard. Everything was starting fade black when a voice Kept calling “Tenno wake up” I opened my Eye slightly to see 2 other Warframes looking down at me. They lifted me into what seamed to be a Cryo pod then the last thing I remember was That Rhino warframes ASA Syandana.


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