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Wtt For A Crimson Dervish Stance Mod

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I am usually online from 1pm - 4 pm Pacific Time


Here is what I have to offer!


AKBronco Prime BP x2

Ankyros Prime Blade x2

Ankyros Prime BP x1

Bo Prime Onament x11

Boar Prime BP x1

Boar Prime Receiver x2

Boar Prime Stock x1

Boltor Prime Barrel x1

Boltor Prime Receiver x2

Braton Prime BP x2

Braton Prime Receiver x1

Braton Prime Stock x2

Bronco Prime Barrel x2

Burston Prime Barrel x4

Burston Prime Stock x4

Dakra Prime Blade x1

Ember Prime BP x1

Ember Prime Helm BP x1

Fang Prime Blade x3

Frost Prime Helm BP x1

Frost Preime Systems BP x1

Glaive Prime Disc x3

Latron Prime Barrel x5

Latron Prime BP x3

Latron Prime Stock x1

Lex Prime Barrel x2

                                   Spare Loki Prime Systems BP x1

Mag Prime Helm BP x1

Mag Prime Systems BP x1

Orthos Prime Blade x1

Orthos Prime Handle x2

Paris Prime BP x1

Paris Prime Grip x1

Paris Prime Lower Limb x10

Paris Prime String x2

Paris Prime Upper Limb x1

Reaper Prime Blade x4

Reaper Prime Handle x4

Reaper Prime BP x3

Rhino Prime Systems BP x1

Sicarus Prime Barrel x1

Sicarus Prime BP x2



Well the only goods ones I have extras of


UR Quick Thinking x1

UR Rage x1

UR Firestorm x1

UR Hell's Chamber x1

UR Rifle Ammo Mutation x2

UR Shotgun Ammo Mutation x1

UR Thunderbolt x4

UR Barrel Diffusion x2



PM me ingame if I have something you want and are willing to part with either a Loki Prime Helm BP and or Loki Prime Chassis BP!


Thank you and have a good day = )

Do come again = )

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