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Multiple Bugs In Rank 12-13 Mastery Test


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ok so I've already failed this test twice when I try again with zephyr. My first attempt (not I'm not talking about the first time I tried the test, but the first attempt on my third time taking it.) first attempt fails because I took to long on a platform, but then the bugs start. before the 1st attempt fails I try to use tail wind to get to another platform, but fail to do so. As a result I DON'T RESPAWN AT THE START. instead I spawn on one of the disappearing platforms and there's NO ENEMIES. The don't spawn at all as I move around so I fail the second attempt. final attempt starts normally, I jump from start to the first platform and enemies spawn, I jump to the lowest middle platform and continue and before it disappears I wall run up to the one above....but it disappears with the one below it before I even land on it for the first time so I fail the test cause I can't tail wind to a platform this time either. I hope I can finally pass it tomorrow, but it seems unlikely as this is very hard to judge how long the platforms last.

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yes i have the same problem..failed it today with zephyr when i wall jump to 2nd platform in the center it disappeared along with the lower one..there are other various bugs..hopefully will get fixed soon.. 



why dont you use Loki for the switch teleport? You wont be able to find bug if you use loki =3= Just sayin....

tried it it restarts the mission and u lose an attempt 

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