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Selling A Few Things...

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I got a few thin's to sell, so go on... take a look;


 Stance mods;   - Bleeding Willow

                          - Clashing Forest

                          - Grim Fury 

                          - Sinking Talon

                          - Swirling Tiger (x2)



Prime Parts;       - Bo Prime Ornament (x2)

                           - Burston Prime Stock

                           - Latron Prime Blueprint (x2)

                           - Latron Prime Barrel (x4)

                           - Paris Prime Lower limb

                           - Paris Prime String

                           - Sicarus Prime Barrel

                           - Ember Prime Chassis

                           - Frost Prime Systems

                           - Mag Prime Blue Print

                           - Mag Prime Chassis (x2)


Arcane Helmets; - Arcane Esprit 

                           - Arcane Gauss



Everything is 15p each, and 30p for any three, or will trade any three for Boltor Prime Bluprint. (Prices negotiable, Helmets excluded, Your best offer for those if interested.)



See something you want?  Let me know here and I'll get back to you in game! I'm currently; Offline


I will update the list if something is sold or is no longer avalible.

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