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Update 14 Bug/issue Megathread

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Kubrow bug:

Cannot make a second imprint of my doggy. I have all the stuff required it just won't do it even after I say yes.

I traded away the current imprint of my dog and still can't make a second.

Having this exact issue atm.  I have the genetic template, but cannot create a second imprint.  

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few times had an issue that i couldn't send a private message through region chat to a person with underslash in_name


i'd suggest add right click menu in chat to invite \ send message

also simple mailbox for unread player messages.

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Mirage still makes everyone have low FPS and you are not shown entering a solar rail in dark sectors(oversight?). Also, radial dumb and sunika koolbro don't mix. The Kubrow ignores the enemy until the enemy starts attacking.. Radial dumb also only allows for counter attacks when you are not hosting and doesn't allow counter in solo. Also, if you have an alternate skin that changes statslike the brokk hammer, it will be blocked by the arsenal and Ordis won't shut up about the collar.

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 Hi all.


My Game crashes on Earth Mission 3 as soon as i pick up the Foundry module.

Tried it 3 times and each time it crashes at exact same time. 


Am I reporting this bug at the correct place?


Bug Number WAR-277075


Sincerely Hyperion



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suicide runners will explode when you kill it, the problem is not how much damage they did, is how far they did. Take a look at my frame and sentinel's bar and you can see it only hurt my sentinel, i have no idea why is that, i'm guessing because my sentinel is ugly ?.?




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Lotus talks when at least 2 player are fully done loading while the other player(s) are still loading. Happens a lot during assassinate mission



You can see the back of the arsenal at this angle of view:



Columns in Arsenal has been changed to 3 instead of 5.



Burst Laser unranked in Codex when you already have one maxed out:



Player's health/shield bar overlaps on the profile icon in the player list. But it happens randomly.



Black screen after this (also no End of Mission result doesn't show up). Leading to force close the game.



Also in the stats is showing there are more nodes in the star chart, but I have all the nodes unlocked and completed. 

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After the hotfix where you said that performance issues with ogris, angstrum and penta were fixed...well, it's better but not completely:


Doing pretty much normal damage to ancient healers now: 3KczJYv.jpg


But against disrupters: AYX6GnA.jpg


Also for some reason when there is an ancient disrupter (could also be healer perhaps?) nearby other mobs, it seems to deal less damage to the other mobs as well: 1PNVRq4.jpg



I think the blast radius of the ogris is also off, because before patch if i hit that tree at this distance, i usually killed myself but now i take no damage: 130LKfG.jpg


My ogris' stats: otDxARX.jpg

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Sorry if this has been posted or has been reported elsewhere already but I didn't see it on the OP.


On earth, while using Furax, if i ground slam next to a Kubrow den that hasn't yet released all it's next Kubrows set to spawn dies, it will ragdoll furiously within the den for a second or so, then deform and stretch out side of it "Mr Fantastic style" in various ways, while still staying stuck in the Kubrow den itself. No further kubrows spawn after that, although that may have been due to damage to the den itself (as the health of the den is not always visible while i'm in the process of doing a ground slam). Not sure if it was just the Furax specifically, or if any melee weapon can duplicate this, but I was able to do this to more than one den on Earth maps with the Furax while trying to gather eggs and mods.

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UI Bug:

#1: Whenever I invite someone to my squad and I'm simply standing in my ship the focus will remain on the chat overlay. That means I can not access anything else but the chat anymore.


This does not occur if I invite people while on the solar map, however here I have the annoying bug #2:


Trying to switch tabs in chat results in being able to click on planets/missions on the solar map, often causing me to choose the wrong mission by accident.

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- UI is badly rescaled for 4:3 (you scaled its width but not height and it looks ugly especially mod pictures and fonts)


- Kubrow station in the ship still is cut for 4:3


- Profile button in ESC menu is half-way outside screen for 4:3


- Right Edo Kneeplate on Saryn is still misplaced


- I'm not able to do screenshots in no-Steam version of the game(F6, Print Screen not working)

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I bought a DNA Stabilizer kit for my first Kubrow, I then bought the Kubrow starter kit, and didn't get any of the DNA Stabilizer's from it, not sure why, or if we weren't allowed to get more than 6 at a time, but I have lost out on getting them.. Also, the Loyalty on my first Kubrow is at -60% and will not go up no matter how many times I have to pet him, before the hotfix and after the hotfix, it still will not improve, I leave it in stasis nearly all the time now, and when I come on I get it out and pet it, to try and improve its loyalty, but it wont improve so goes back in stasis :( help please someone..

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Not sure if this is a bug or not:


I can interact with my Kubrow even though it's still incubating. Tested this with my clanmates and they can also interact with theirs during the incubation period. No context option comes up on screen, but pressing 'E' performs an interact.

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When you are in the loading screen for a mission, if you are waiting for another player, you can use skills and fire weapons before the mission even starts. Seems more of a lag issue on people joining but idk, its kinda annoying. Usually when that happens the loading screen hangs for a while also.

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1- When you put a kubrow in stasis it will say that you cannot recover it from stasis until 3 hours but you can recover it instantly after you do so.


2- When you are at Navigation and when you click Chat Minimize button, it clicks anything behind it, pretty annoying.


3- Going into aresenal through ESC, your warframe will stand facing the other side when it should be facing you.


4- If kubrow falls from any tileset it will not spawn back.


5- Kubrow will vary in size in different maps, sometimes its as huge as you while other times its smaller.


6- From Arsenal, when changing your warframe, if you double click to change warframe instead of clicking Equip when it appears , it will get stuck.


7- Some players crash everytime when they try to join Solar Rails Defence Schema from Orokin lab.


8- Mercury-Apollodorus: Mostly when you join and run to activate the panel there is a one sided collider surrounding the panel making it impossible for you to activate it.


9- In your inventory/mod section, instead of saying "Companion" it still says sentinel.

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Kubrow Quest: Last Mission "Defend your Kubrow".


You fail the mission.

You restart it.


Bug 1) The Kubrow with you is a generic lean gray one, not yours.

Bug 2) No Grineer  turn up, no wave starts. The 2 Nests are there though.



Log out, log in again. allows 1 more try, with the right Kubrow & waves of Grineer,

Afte this both bugs again till next logout/in.



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The helmet description appears to be missing for the Exalibur Proto-Armor skin. The file path shown below also appears on the equip frame screen even when clicking on frames other than Excalibur. Equipping a different skin or changing frames does remove the URL from the HUD, but relogging with the proto skin still on does NOT remove it.




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