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Update 14 Bug/issue Megathread

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I've found numerous issues while running around my dojo. Decorations that were attached to the celing are now floating in midair. And in my clan's starter hall, everything is sunken into the floor!!!!!!









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Got to the Liset after prologue, everything was closed down. Pressed 'start' (playing with controller) and selected 'Navigation'. Got the camera stuck and couldn't do anything. Had to tab out and close the game. 


Loving the new audio btw ^.^ bullets hitting rocks and nearby cover sound amazing!



back in the game, nav panel is now accessible with "Vor's Prize" quest. Wondering if the issue was due to the fact I was a Mastery 9 instead of a new player playing the prologue. 

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Was able to log back into game and even visit the dojo (though I did not travel throughout).


Returned to my ship, discovered that I needed to do the "Mantle" mission AGAIN, was put into queue and then kicked out of game again.

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End of Interception Mission on Odin, bug won't let me exit after mission complete.


Stands there and fails, unable to do anything after clicking 'Exit Mission'. Mission fail and stuck. No ability to exit.

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Oh, the queens should teach vor not to try to sabotage crap when he has no idea how it works. He actually doubled my shields rather than try to sabotage them, I could already hear him thinking "CURSE THIS CORPUS PIECE OF CRAP!" as he throws the cipher against a wall and fries it with a void key.


I'm not even joking, he actually wound up helping me rather than sabotaging me. It was funny.

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Overall, the new system looks and feels amazing. It really immerses the player into Warframe early on, and provides them with new MK1 weapons, and all of the basic understandings of the gameplay. Despite the pros, there are cons. These cons include:

Confusing interface with everything being hidden (I.E. market, cannot access dojo).

The player's ship is too small. Everything seems cluttered.

Players do not immediately know where to go to access the next mission in Vor's Prize.



Warframe constantly crashes or automatically logs out at any given time repeatedly.

Clipping, animations lagging, lag spots, freezing.

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We have to mouse over the planets to see which one they are.


We have to click the planet to see what resources they drop.


The alerts are now easier to see which planet they are but they are harder to see in general.


In the foundry I cant see how much of a certain material i have just if i have enough of it.


No testing whatsoever on this patch.


I really hope this U14 a learning experience for DE, dont fix what isnt broken.

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After completing a mission on Mercury, I was logged out instead of being directed back to my ship or anywhere else. I've tried logging back in but it gives me an error "Login failed. Check your info." despite having closed and re-launched Warframe numerous times.


'Dunno what happened or what to do now.

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I did the prologue and ran into a few things..



When I first came to this I didn't get a promp.. so I ran back than approached it again and finally for the message to appear.. but I had to angle my camera to see it.. maybe needs to be higher? 




Same thing for this.. so naturally I played noob and ran into the bar and still no sign.. had to run back and forward again for it to pop up.



Pardon my butt.. but as you can see the name of the mission does not fit in the mission description



Couldn't change my profile icon..



Couldn't exit with the button had to press esc



Does only on row of mods appear? seems kinda silly.. Also Ordis kept repeating that message to me even after I exited and just stood there for a little bit. 



Darvo says but twice.


I'd post more.. but I got kicked out and couldn't get back on.


Sorry for the links.. I couldn't get the img thing to work for me... I am forever a forum noob.. :(

also this

Is it just me... or is there no exit button from the login window?

I haven't found it yet.. if at all.
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besides in login errors i am experiencing, after i rescued darvo and got the mercury nav segment, i returned from the mission and immediately went to the arsenal to mod. after that i went to make the "countermeasure" and found that there wasnt a blueprint to be found... i also cant leave the ship to "rescue" darvo again to get another bp.

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Player Ship Bug: Upon retreiving the Comms module, there was no place to install it. Had to relog and then found out where I can put it. So the bug is: Unable to install the comms module without relogging.

Same here, plus i also had to relog in order to do the comms thing mission

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Found quite a few bugs.


1: Crawler animations seem very jittery when still. When I see a Crawler hanging on the bottom of an osprey, it seemingly spazzes out.


2: Dojo selector's bugged. I click on it all I want, won't let me into the dojo.


3: When selecting Arsenal, my Warframe sometimes looks into the wall rather than towards me.

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Suffering from crashes (goes to login screen no displayed errors) from within the ship when going to insert the found segments from the Prologue missions.


Then trying to login again, get constant long wait and message " Login failed.  Check your info"  I suppose it may be the login servers overloaded?


Where is the Quit/End  on the login screen, now not visible.


Other than that really like the whole front end...great work DE!!

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