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Divinus Dominatus - Now Recruiting


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OUR CLAN FORUM: http://www.divinusd.com/


Divinus Dominatus is currently recruiting! We're a small sister  Shadow Clan to Divinus Deus and we're looking to expand our numbers. Think you want to join? Read on and then decide!


What Players We're Looking For

 1.you must be rank 2 or better . after all we cant help with trades if you cant trade.

 2.you must be active.   

 3.you must be willing to help  your fellow clan members 

 4. you must be willing to get and use raidcall..http://www.raidcall.com/download-raidcall.html



We do have a policy for inactivity too; if you're inactive for two weeks and leave no notice, then you will be kicked.

If you know you can't be on for two weeks, let me know!


What We And Our Dojo Can Offer

1 Obstacle Course

1 Dueling Room!

All of the labs done and research 85% complete!

A Clan Emblem!

Trading kiosk!

A laid-back community!

Raidcall chat with clan and aliance


Current Leaders

mackybacky (warlord)

djshay (vanguard)



If you would like to join, please  add  A (vanguard) as a contact in-game, post here, or PM  A (vanguard).

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