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Wts Some Prime Parts...

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I have these parts and BP´s for sale:



·Boar Prime barrel x1→5p

·Boar Prime BP  x5→15p each

·Boar Prime receiver  x1→5p

·Boar Prime stock x5→5p each

·Boltor Prime receiver x1→7p

·Boltor Prime stock x1→7p

·Dakra Prime set x1→50p

·Fang Prime blade  x3→6p each

·Glaive Prime BP x1→15p

·Glaive Prime Disc x2→10p each

·Latron Prime Receiver x6→6p each

·Latron Prime Stock x3→6p each

·Orthos Prime Blade x1→10p

·Orthos Prime BP x2→10p each

·Orthos Prime Handle x1→10p

·Paris Prime Grip x2→10p each

·Paris Pirme String x2→5p each

·Paris Prime Lower Limb x3→ 10p each

·Paris Prime Upper Limb x1→5p

·Reaper Prime Handle x1 →10p

·Reaper Prime BP x1→10p

·Sicarus Prime Barrel x2 → 5p each

·Sicarus Prime BP  x3→ 10p each

·Sicarus Priime Receiver x1 → 5p




·Ember Prime Chassis x2→15p each

·Ember Prime Helmet x5→15p each

·Ember Prime Systems x1→15p


·Frost Prime BP  x1→20p

·Frost Prime Helmet x1→10p

·Frost Prime Systems  x2→20p each


·Mag Prime BP x1→10p

·Mag Prime Chassis x3→15p each


·Rhino Prime Chassis x2→15p each

·Rhino Prime Systems x2 →5p each



Thats ALL I have for sale (price negotiable) PM me on PSN Rocha_59


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