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This Game Is Awesome, Man!


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wow, god damn.. i reached rank 5 but at a great cost. i used up so many materials and credits to get to that rank. i think about 300,000 credits. i'm going to use the rest of my money tonight to buy most recipes in the shop and craft them ASAP. i am going all out to reach rank 6. well, look on the bright side. turns out my useless farming did turn out to help me tremendously. i mean, i had so much materials farmed up. i knew i was going to have to put them to use somehow. but i didn't know i would have to use 1,300,000 credits in the future to buy/craft recipes it breaks my heart to see days of farming go away in a day. but it's okay. i'll reach rank 6, the start of Warframe's endgame. i will rise and overcome everything in my way i'll get a Soma, put all of my best mods in it, finally craft my Dakra Prime and put my beastly mods in it and then finally i will have a basic endgame. all i would need is a better warframe. i think my akstiletto will hold it's ground until i get something better then with that current loadout, i will dominate the Void and Derelict, gaining more and more blueprints and parts and eventually get all the primes i will need. only then, will i be ready. ready to join back to my old PvP clan that i got kicked out of for lieing about being the best around and defeat the recruiters to get back the rank i deserved. i have no regrets that i spent that much credits or used up that much material. i will earn it back some day.

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