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Warframe Card Tournament!


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Just want DE to make a card tournament for warframe, it would be fun to play a game of brains and not brawn, ninjas require both, well warframes do, in other to control our powers :P


How to play:


Rank 30 warframe

no weapons

Bonus additions for game:

You can add sentinel


To start a duel

-Challenge a person to a card game

-Both players select a warframe of their choice

-Both players are also allowed to select a sentinel of their choice with sentinel weapon, it is not required to do so

-Player who has the highest sprint speed goes first


Evaluating warframe to duel stats.

-Shields are rounded to the nearest hundreth and divided by 100

Ex. Rhino has 1170 shields, rounded it is 1200, divided by 100 is 12 shield points

-Same thing goes for health

-armor is negated in dueling, so armor value is 0

-Sentinels have infinite hp an shield


Playing the duel

-At the start of the game, each player starts with 1/4 of their max energy, and gains 25 energy at the start of every turn

-Players attack using the power skills modded into their warframe, each power skill has a certain effect that does something to the player or enemy.

Ex. Rhino skin grants the player 2 turns of invulnerability, if upgraded using power mods, can increase by 1 turn or maybe more.

Ex.Loki's switch teleport skips the opponent's next turn

Ex.Oberon's smite deals 1 point of damage to the opponent, and has a 10% chance of dealing 3 more damage

-Using power skills takes away the player's energy(like normal)

-You may skip using power skills and either focus, granting additional 25 energy next turn, or block, negating 2 points of damage

-When ending turn, other player's turn is next


Bonus rules: Sentinel

-Sentinels can only use the following mods in them, guardian, coolant leak(reduces opponent's sprint speed by 0.1 at the beginning of the game), and their 2 regular mods(ghost, vaporize, vaccumn, etc.)

-Sentinels may attack the enemy only once every other turn

-Guardian can only be used every 5 turns and grants the player 3 extra shield points

-Sentinels cannot be destroyed

-Player can also activate sentinel abilities, but each ability has a 3 turn cooldown

Ex. Helios' investigator ability allows player to deal double damage next turn, 

Ex. Carrier's vaccumn grants a 25% chance of getting 1 shield point, 25% chance of getting 1 health point, 25% of getting 50 bonus energy, and 25% of gaining 1 shield point and 1 health point

Ex. Carrier's vaporize deals 1 extra point of damage, ignoring all buffs and blocks


Extra example of warframe abilities in this game:

Nova's Molecular prime grants double damage for 1 turn, and skips opponent's next 2 turns

Nekros' shadows of the dead grants 3 points of damage to enemy

Mag's shield polarize deals 1 shield point of damage to both players, opponent has 50% chance of taking 3 extra damage

Banshee's silence grants 3 turns where there is a 50% chance opponent will deal no damage to player


I will try to post more detail into this later on, but for now, I'm trying to focus on U14, pretty sure everyone is, leave a like if you want it, and reply for your ideas to fix this or add anything.


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