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Big Summer Sale! 1Week Only

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Hello cagenot here and this is my 1week BIG SUMMER SALE!

Warframe mods

Antitoxin 1pl

Intruder rank 1 1pl

Provoked rank 2 3pl

Reflection rank 1 1pl

Stretch rank 1 3pl

Warm coat rank 1 1pl

Rifle mods

Ammo drum maxed 5pl

Fast hands rank 3. 2pl

Magazine warp 1pl

Sawtooth clip rank 2. 2pl

Sniper ammo mutation 3pl

Thunderbolt 4pl

Melee Mods

Finishing touch rank 1 3pl

Killing blow rank 1 4pl

Parry rank 1 2pl

Quick return rank2 2pl

Reach maxed (have 2). 5pl

Shotgun mods

Ammo stock. 3pl

Blunderbuss rank 2. 4pl

Chiling grasp rank 1. 2pl

Cleanse infested. 3pl

Disruptor rank 1. 2pl

Flechette rank 3. 2pl

Point blank rank 2. 4pl

Seeking force. 4pl

Shell compression rank1. 2pl

Shotgun ammo mutation. 5pl

Shotgun savvy rank 1. 3pl

Shredder 2pl

Pistol mods

Concussion rounds rank 2. 3pl

Convulsion rank 1. 4pl

Expel infested 3pl

Gunslinger rank 1.3pl

Heated charge rank 3. 4pl

Slip magazine rank 2. 2pl


Pistol sacavenger. 4pl


Burning wasp 3pl

Fracturing wind 2pl

Reaping spiral rank 2. 3pl

Weapon Prime parts/bp. 4 pl any of them

Akbronco bp

Boltor stock

Burston barrel

Latron barrel

Paris lower limb

Reaper bp

I'm looking for the following mod so we can also trade:


Will give added discount for 5 mods bought. Pm me if interested or add me to psn, i'm usually on after 8pm est.

Looking forward to do business with you,

Have a great day!

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