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Corpus Sub-Factions Concept


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Hello all, 


This thread will detail a concept of mine to make the Corpus feel more like an actual business conglomerate, by taking existing Corpus enemies and attaching tattoos/insignias onto them. This concept was originally from this thread as a suggestion, but I finally decided that it feels more like a concept than a suggestion. Thus, the content is below: 


As most of the players know, the Corpus is controlled by the Board, a group of high-ranking merchants that dictate how the Corpus should be run. However, they feel somewhat isolated from the game itself, as we do not seem to have any form of interaction with them, directly or indirectly (with the exception of "Ties That Bind", but that was just a one-off mission). Thus, my suggestion is this: 


In The Profit Trailer, we see this: 




See the tattoos on their foreheads (with the exception of the right-most one)? My suggestion is to paste these tattoos to the Corpus enemies we see (on the shoulders and helmet of Corpus Crewmen, and on the legs of MOAs) as an insignia, but specific to a planet. I have drawn images for them using Sketchup (members are listed from left to right): 


Sab Mal's (see this thread [shock Eximus]) tattoo (will be placed on Corpus enemies located in Venus and Ceres, as he is in charge of manufacturing): 




Wer Tarl's tattoo (will be placed on Corpus enemies located in Neptune and Sedna [lots of Grineer to indoctrinate for the Corpus], as he is in charge of indoctrination processes, Warframe and Robotics R&D): 




Frohd Bek's tattoo (will be placed on Corpus enemies located in Europa and Uranus, as he is in charge of weapons R&D [see EDIT 14 of this thread, Europa] and tasked with wiping out Grineer bio-modification research so that the Grineer must rely on the Corpus for cloning/augmentation technology): 




Ulto Tros has no tattoo (seen in the Profit Trailer), meaning all Corpus enemies located in Pluto and Saturn and Mars will be the same as the current Corpus enemies, since this member is in charge of troop building and defence for planets. 


And of course, we cannot forget Alad V's tattoo (will be placed on Corpus enemies located in Jupiter) (after all, he has his own army before he was exiled from the Corpus, and tasks his men to capture and convince/indoctrinate Corpus troops to serve Alad V): 




And if Darvo has his own troops, this will be his tattoo to be placed on his Corpus troops: 




In all Grineer-Corpus and Infestation-Corpus Invasions except Jupiter, all of these sub-faction Corpus enemies except Alad V's troops will be present, but with the main sub-faction residing on the planet having more troops in a map (e.g.: If the Grineer invade Europa, then all Corpus sub-factions [sab Mal's Corpus troops, Wer Tarl's Corpus troops etc.] [except Alad V's troops] will be present, but players will see more of Frohd Bek's troops). If Grineer-Corpus and Infestation-Corpus Invasions happen in Jupiter, then only Alad V's troops will be present (since Alad V is exiled from the Corpus). 


Some people would have already read this thread regarding Eximi overhaul, and may have noticed that for Corpus Eximi, they often name a creator. These Eximi will spawn anywhere that is Corpus controlled, with the insignia of the planet. However, the home planet of a certain Eximus will render said Eximus to have a higher spawn chance than other Corpus Eximi (e.g.: The Shock Eximus is created by Sab Mal, meaning it will have a higher chance that all other Corpus Eximi to spawn in Venus and Ceres [which translates to players seeing this Eximus more when playing in Venus and Ceres]). The justification for this is that this is a measure for members of the Corpus Board to keep check on each other, although they have another, hidden purpose: To keep tabs and send information about the members of the Corpus Board to the Eximus's creator so he can gain the upper hand.


Some people may ask: What about the Harvester, if this change were to be acted upon?


My suggestion is to keep the Harvester to target players supporting the Grineer in Grineer-Corpus Invasions, but with a different color scheme and an insignia to denote its affiliation. The Harvester sent depends on the planet that the player supported the Grineer on (e.g.: Supporting the Grineer in a Grineer-Corpus Invasion on Ceres will have Sab Mal sending his Harvester after you), except for Darvo (since he seems to be friendly towards the Tenno in general).


The chance for the Harvester to spawn is 1.5% + 0.5% from the second player onwards (3.0% with four players), with the chance being split as the player gains more sub-Harvester marks (e.g.: Gaining a Harvester mark by Sab Mal and Frohd Bek, for instance, would render the Harvester having a 1.25% of spawning as Sab Mal's Harvester, and 1.25% of spawning as Frohd Bek's Harvester). For group play, it will be calculated below: 


Group of four, all with Harvester marks: 3.0%

One player has a mark from both Sab Mal and Frohd Bek, one player has a mark from Sab Mal and Wer Tarl, one player has a mark from Ulto Tros, and the last player has a mark from Sab Mal.

Sab Mal mark total: 2 + 1 = 3

Frohd Bek mark total: 1

Wer Tarl mark total: 1

Ulto Tros mark total: 1

Total number of marks: 3 + (1 * 3) = 6

3.0% / 6 = 0.5% per mark. 

Chance for Sab Mal's Harvester to spawn: 0.5% * 3 = 1.5%

Chance for Frohd Bek/Wer Tarl/Ulto Tros's Harvester to spawn: 0.5% * 1 = 0.5%


Only one Harvester can spawn per mission. If players are captured by a Harvester that is not Alad V's, then they will still be transported to the Escape Mission, but with a different tile-set (i.e. not the Gas City tile-set). Killing the Harvester will still reward Detron blueprints and parts. 


The mark(s) will be gained by running a total five missions supporting the Grineer on a planet (e.g.: If a total of five Invasion missions supporting the Grineer is run on Ceres/Venus, then the player will gain a Harvester mark from Sab Mal only. Once the player has spawned this Harvester only, then the player must run five more Invasion missions supporting the Grineer on Ceres/Venus to regain this mark). 


The contents of the message indicating that a player has been marked will vary from member to member. Here is the list [as a template]: 


- Sab Mal: You have caused much disruption to my manufacturing facilities. Now you must pay the price.


- Frohd Bek: Your support for the Grineer has left me no choice but to remove you. You have become a liability to the prosperity to the Corpus. 


- Wer Tarl: Your continuous treachery will not go unnoticed. Have fun dealing with the consequences. 


- Ulto Tros: Your support for the Grineer, and your abilities in battle has not gone unnoticed. You will serve the Corpus to repay the damage you have done to my troops.


The justification for this is because Alad V gave the schematics and blueprints for the Harvester proxy and the Detron weapon to the members of the Board in order to gain more credits to fund his war against the Grineer during the Gravidus Dilemma, and to also act as a guarantee if the war fails. Thus, the members of the Board have access to the Harvester and the Detron. 


Now, with U14 now online and the quest system being available, here are some justifications concerning the Corpus to make this concept still stand: 


Howl of the Kubrow:

Perceived contradiction: Frohd Bek has contacted a genetic lab researcher in Elara (Jupiter, where Alad V resides) about getting a Kubrow fit for an Orokin prince (meaning he wants the Kubrow to be perfect), despite the fact that Frohd Bek despises Alad V and his practices (Biotics research), and the fact that only Alad V's troops/people are in Jupiter. 


Justification: Frohd Bek himself is interested in obtaining a Kubrow (from what he knew about the Orokin), but does not have the technology/research to do so (since he is just in charge of weapons R&D and Grineer genetic lab sabotage/destruction), nor do any other members of the Board (and the fact that they dislike Biotics [if Alad V is to be trusted]). Having some of his insiders working with Alad V (because the Corpus Board are composed of a bunch of backstabbing and suspicious people who always want to keep tabs on other people to gain the upper hand in negotiations), he managed to retrieve information from them and knew Alad V knows quite a bit about Biotics, and has set a group of researchers to research in Biotics (the Infestation, genetics etc.).


Thus, his desire overpowering his distaste towards Alad V's practices, he contacted the researchers and asked if any of them would be able to create a perfect Kubrow, but in secret, so as to not alert the other members of the Board about this and revoke his position. A researcher contacted him back and said he could do it, and thus started his role in helping Frohd Bek create the perfect Kubrow (of course, maybe with a few pieces of blackmail to smooth things along).


With this concept, I hope to make fighting the Corpus feel more immersive and engaging, in the sense that players can pick and choose their favourite (or hated) member of the Board and destroy his troops, stalling or stopping his operations.


Please take the time to read this thread, and give any constructive feedback and criticism. 




To see my other threads, please go to my profile.

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Exactly one year later this get's bumped. That's crazy.


Corpus kind of have a sub-faction in the works, with that Black Seed group.


Anyway, I think all factions deserve Sub-Factions, which is actually a thread I made forever ago. It would allow us to see factions be able to fight themselves, with Grineer vs Grineer or Corpus vs Corpus scenarios.

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I have not heard of this... What is it?

It was a short thing for a Tactical Alert. Essentially, they're a group of Corpus that defy the Board and acted on their own. During the tactical alert, they attempted to sabotage several Corpus factories by raiding Alad V's mutalist research and seeding Corpus factories with a particularly dangerous type of Infestation that introduced the Juggernaut.

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