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Warframe Pvp


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My experience in conclave:


I join pluton conclave.


My loadout: Vauban 225/300, Grinlock, Castanas, Jat Kittag.


My opponent's loadout: Loki prime, Boltor prime, Brakk, Dual Ichors.



Match starts, i shoot one of my magnetic castanas near the energy spawner.


The loki falls in the trap by rushing to the energy.


Next match starts.


He falls in the same trap again.


He ragequits.


Then he comes back with an ogris.

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You dont need to have the best things in the game to play it. And this actually pisses me off a bit, because everyone does it, i once had rhino fully forma'd, then i got tired of being unkillable, so i sold it and got Saryn instead.


This makes me think that most high level players just dont know how to play the game properly.

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