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Thank You For U14, De-Team


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Thanks Tenno! :)

now go home and have a good rest :)


(i remember how much i was tired while writing my engineer thesis while being up for 32h, i can imagine how much you all are tired and stressed)

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Thanks Tenno! :)

 thank you guys, i saw that video, you look ready to drop man.

but wow, this is why im such warframe fan,  the game is amazing and growing at pleasing pace, but that aside.

look at the team behind this, you said Thursday, couldn't pull it off because you wanted a certain standard first. and you just stayed at it till you got it. running on fumes i don't doubt.

that's amazing. its inspiring.

hats off to all of you.


p.s. i don't think iv ever wanted frame more then mirage.

also lil wayne kubrow. i choked from laughing so hard.


you all rock. now get some sleep ASAP okay.

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You guys just pulled an extra 5 hours (and possibly even more time than we players don't know) for this update.

Looking at the size, there will be bugs, that I'm sure.


However, for now, just go back home DE.

Get some sleep. You guys need that. Remember, Devstream is near.

(I do wonder if you guys won't consider to reschedule the devstream or something)

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