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Question For Community & Devs (Not Where Do I Get Incubator)



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Will there ever be an option of resuming the old UI? 



It's not that I don't like the new ship or layout, personally I thinking its *beep*ing awesome! It impressed me beyond belief and I really liked it. So pristine, so pretty over all awesome! However, for what ever reason I don't know what the reason may be. The Half-zoomed-side-angle-bright-color look is killing me. It's making me feel incredibly sick & nauseated just being in my ship. I find myself hiding in my dojo to relieve myself from the overwhelming feeling. Yet, all the while I'm in the dojo I can't help but want to go back to the ship to look around more, check out all the new stuff. This really sucks.. :( atleast for me. Is there any way around this? Thanks!



Is anyone else having these problems at all? 



2nd Topic


Is the new scaling with bosses a permanent feature, will there ever be an option to toggle it? Do you feel like you scaled them a bit *too much*?



I consider myself a rather average player, I spend from time to time, I've spent a large chunk of time playing Warframe but I don't know everything there is to know, I have very general knowledge, like I suspect a large portion of the community also has. With that being said, I was pretty hyped to see the post about bosses will be harder etc etc. However, upon doing some of the new-old bosses I had mixed feelings. While they're no longer brainless, I also feel as though they are no longer solo-capable (at least not for your average Joe) being someone who mainly solo's it was a bit of a disappointment to me. Why were these changes made, were they implemented to prevent easy material farming? Were they implement to encourage multiplier over solo? (Alad V was really tough. D: you should try him solo if you want a good challenge!) Maybe I'm just bad, and that's okay, It just means I need to practice & learn their mechanics to get better at fighting them, were those your intentions?



How do you guys feel about the boss changes, do you generally think they could be harder? a little less difficult, or are they way too difficult? Do you think a mode that enables level scaling is a good idea opposed to a general level overhaul or a bad idea, let's hear your ideas & thoughts!




--------> PLEASE NOTE, these are only my personal opinions & experiences and mine only. Every experience could be completely different and you may have different opinions, that's ok! I hope nobody is offended by anything I might have posted, overall I think U14 is absolutely amazing! This is just a topic for discussion. 



-Offtopic- For when a dev reads this, sorry about the multiple post! The website was lagging when I hit submit and it didn't seem to go through, thanks for cleaning it up!

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Personally I find the ship layout very pleasing, but I agree completely on the new menus being too cramped and difficult to navigate in lower resolutions. The "disable UI movement" setting doesn't seem to work, as all the UI segments stay animated and flip from side to side. This is especially noticeable when modding equipment and using the foundry, because my warframe often blocks the view when attempting to select mods etc.

As for the scaling, I think it makes sense if bosses aren't easily solo able. This game was after all designed with co-op in mind, making missions more suited for squads of Tenno feels right. This is my opinion of course.

Tl;dr The ship and UI are nice but need fixing/adjusting. Bosses are fine as they are.

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