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Mod Interface Feedback


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The UI changes overall look very good. Currently not as easy to use but i'll get used to it.


The one major problem I have is the decreased functionality with varying degrees, with the worst being the mod interface.


List of problems (so far):


1. Mod pictures don't so unless the highlighted scroll bar is over them.


2. The top and bottom rows never get highlighted, ever...


3. The above issue isin't that pressing as you can only see the top half of the bottom row of mods (I mean really, WTF???)


4. This also includes the `Left most column as depending on the view angle of when you open the mod interface it can be blocked by your warframe.


5. Moving interface moving as you move the mouse, sure it seems cool for the first few times you use it but it does get very annoying, and accentuates the above warframe blocking problem.


6. Please let us see more then 3 rows of mods with more mods per row.


I'll add more as I discover them.

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I agree to you 100% percent. that angled view is like im trying to read over the sholder a book on the bus. That mouse tracking for field to come in view is actualy making my eyes hurt. I have glasses so any extra jumpyness when i try to concentrate for readingi is bad for eyes.


How designers come to such conclusions that that kind of gui is marketable as usfull is beyond my comprehension. I like the 3D but i need the feel of 3D environment to come alive only when i initiate the menu to use it and when i press exit. When im viewing it I want as little jerkiness as possible very stable viewpoint perfectly alignt to my eyes, so i can compose my thoughts.


If they wanted to cram 3D part in the meny they should have made not bland item/weapon icons but every actual icon image to come  3d and slowly rotate it when moused over.

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I don't particularly like the mod interface either.

I think I should be able to pick a simple list interface or something like that, or how about a right click contextual menu on a mod? 

This UI looks beautiful, but it's tough to actually use.


Less pretty graphics and layout and more usability. Scrolling through and finding mods , is just difficult.

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