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Is It Always Like This?


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im well, frankly baffled at the amount of drama, and attitude and butthurt, meme spouting asshats

during the pre and now post update era.


its like a freaking 1st grade class fed sugar all day in here.

ive only recently started using the forums.

mainly to maybe meet new cool people who play the game and share my art and have interesting discussions as ive had it with region chat.


is it this way every time?


it feels like the community is like 90 percent whiners, people who *@##$ all day and post a meme as their response to everything. and have a clear lack of intelligence or manners that makes my brain hurt and then a 10 percent are okay decent people but you have to sift through a mountain of S#&$ and drama to meet them.



is it like this even not around update time.

im already frustrated at the way region chat is literally a cesspool of spam and morons all hours of the day it seems.

or is this just an update era thing, and even so.what up with that then?


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Free to play games, man. Thankfully Council members have a less clusterf#cked way to talk, but it's kind of become the norm for a lot of players to entirely avoid region chat altogether. Updates are particularly bad. Often times I just disconnect that crap in the options menu and use some other form of communication.


It's a sad truth, but the 10% you mentioned are the reason i play this game.

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What noveltyhero said.  Us patient folks just sit back and wait patiently for updates while others whine and cry that the update is 2 minutes late.  It's worse around update time, for sure, but it can be pretty immature in here all the time.  Often times I avoid the game and the forums for about 1 week before and 1 week after big updates, just to let things simmer down.

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ah okay then and i love this game, a great team behind with passion for it,

im actually in college to be game designer, i adore games, their interactive art.

world and lifetimes you live in place you never would otherwise.

i love that. and i do really meet some outstanding lads and lass's here.


i just never used the forum really till very recently and mainly to post my art.

of which im getting good feedback on.  i was worried the writing for it would be off.,

" but ah self doubt and me are old pals"


well thanks for letting me know.

and yeah i know the bad is always louder then the good.

i've lived life that proves it and though im much better off now.

its hard to remember the good stuff over the bad.

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