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Update 14 Features Primer


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Update 14 is just around the corner and with it comes...well, you know the deal by now.  New ship, new UI, Kubrow, and the brand new quest system leaves a lot for players to jump into.  We understand that dramatic changes can be a little disorienting at first, which is why we’ve broken down some of U14’s features into this far more simple primer.  A few tips to make cruising the solar system in your brand new spaceship just a little bit smoother.  Just watch out for any asteroids Tenno, the paint is still fresh.


For Existing Players:


Any players that have an existing Warframe account that is Mastery Rank 1 or greater will be presented with two options after logging in:  Play the Prologue or Skip Prologue.  Both options will allow players to enter the new features of Update 14, however for those who want to take part in the new player experience can do so without needing to start a brand new account.  Any newly created account or players with an account that has Mastery Rank 0 will not be given the option to skip the Prologue.


The Prologue will treat players as though they’re brand new to Warframe, with a few exceptions.  You’ll still have all of your current weapons, mods, ranks and Warframes available to your account immediately, however the Liset will not come equipped with any working modules.  This means you will not have access to the Foundry, Market, Genetic Lab, Region Chat, or Genetic Foundry until you’ve unlocked them in game via the starting quests.  Whatever you log in with is what you get.


There is no way to reverse the Prologue option once selected, so unless you are absolutely sure you would like to ‘earn’ each of these features back this story mode may not be the right choice for you.


If you simply want to jump into the game with all progression unlocked normally then Skip Prologue is the way to go.  Although we may include the ability to revisit the starting quest in the future, currently if you skip the Prologue you will not be able to play the Prologue quest line.


Quick Access


Walking around the ship from terminal to terminal is pretty self explanatory, but if you’re the kind of player that gets tired of aesthetic walking then simply hit the Escape key to open up the shortcut menu.  From here you can access all of the usual features without needing to have your character literally in front of the required terminal.


You can also reach the quick access menu by selecting the icon in the top left hand corner of the screen when any menu is opened (ie: Codex, Solar Chart).  The ‘+’ symbol next to your name functions as a shortcut to inviting friends to a party.


The Star Chart


Planets now have all of their missions displayed in a ring around that players can navigate using the mouse or directional pad to individual select each mission.  Any mission that has an alert, is part of an event, has optional Nightmare Mode or is owned by a particular clan will have an appropriate icon on that mission to make navigation a little easier.


Additionally, any planet that currently has an alert taking place will have an appropriate icon over it in the Star Chart, so reaching these more desirable limited-time missions will be quick and easy.


Void Keys and Derelict missions will only be revealed to players if they have the appropriate key, and additional missions will not open up unless the party leader has the prerequisite key to unlock the mission.  In short, you won’t see any missions available that you don’t have a key for.


Party UI


Adding players to a party, joining a party, and seeing what weapons everyone has equipped is now handled in the top left hand corner of the screen.  It’s here that you’ll also be able to confirm entering a mission after you’ve selected the one you want, and all votes to ‘ready up’ for a mission will be displayed here as well.


Where Some New Features Are Located


As you explore the Liset there are a few new features to the game that you’ll likely discover while playing, all of which are meant to make your time playing Warframe a little easier.  Here’s just a short list of things to keep an eye out for whether you’re brand new to Warframe or a seasoned vet:


  • Alerts now appear over the Star Chart terminal in the Liset, above each planet within the Star Chart itself, and notification of alerts will be prompted in the bottom right hand corner of your screen as they become active.
  • The End of Mission screen has seen some visual adjustments that will be easy to spot, but you can also check your progress mid mission too!  Simply hitting Escape followed by View Mission Progress will open up a display on what you’ve earned in the mission so far, as well as details on experience gained and mods acquired.
  • Keeping an eye out on any special icons above each planet will give you a good idea as to where alerts, invasions, events, and even quests take place.


How can you help?


As you can probably see, the sheer scope of this Update has us excited, but we also consider Update 14 to be our most ambitious changes yet. We are calling on all Tenno to help us make this Update go smoothly by following the issue and feedback reporting threads we put up. We will have as many team members as possible standing by to help identify issues and fix up any unforeseen problems.



Response Updates:


-Playing through the prologue will not take a long time to complete if you're an existing Warframe player, and though exactly how long that is will vary from Tenno to Tenno it can all be finished in a single sitting.

-There is no build time for the ship terminals you unlock in the prologue.

-You do not need to play the prologue in order to obtain Kubrow.

-Playing the prologue will not reset any of your current progress beyond making you unlock each feature as part of the quest.  Once you've unlocked that feature, all of your current progress will still be there.

-Players can still select their matchmaking preference of choice, however the button that indicates what matchmaking type you're set to has now moved to the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

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Can't access many feature if I choose to play Prologue...


Still gonna play it though :3


Who's with me? 


Cmon, it's new content, gotta check it out. gonna be fun. Haha, and this is from a rank 9 player.

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