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Server Down?

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Launcher won't go beyond ''Checking for updates'' now either.


Sigh. I waited all day for this aaaand now I can't start up Warframe.

I appreciate the work, I really do, but it's difficult to not have my mood dampened :c

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Servers down for what

So space dog can starve, also to add an exit button, and better navigation through the new "improved" UI, adding back infinite wall climb so ODD ledge farm is still a thing, easier access to "online, solo, etc" options, literally like 7000 other things I would probably be banned for listing.

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This is what happens when you push UI design without testing it or checking all previous features are intact

But... they did test it. That's why they released it, You know? :P In case you didn't know. Why did you think we waited so long for U14 to begin with?

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