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Server Down?

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For those saying you need "larger servers" and complaining about server issues during updates.

Please for everyone's sake come back when you know how these things work so you don't look like COMPLETE morons.


Servers are not just turned on or off at the touch of a button, certainly not login servers that need to access complex databases where your personal info is stored, and quite possibly your game entitlement data too (All of the items you own). They require a lot of time to set up and integrate properly.


In addition to that, servers are not cheap.... they are freaking expensive!.... this isn't your 5 dollars a month hosting from some random data host here.


For the sake of a POTENTIAL rocky couple of hours after an update these guys are probably saving thousands of dollars not putting those man hours and resources in place, that they'd then spend thousands more on to take them offline.... additionally you can't just borrow a server for a few hours every time there is an update.


Well they should have that server in place all the time right?

Sure... if they want this unused hardware constantly bleeding money because it isn't being used for 95% of the year. 

Be patient.

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But... they did test it. That's why they released it, You know? :P In case you didn't know. Why did you think we waited so long for U14 to begin with?

No existing method to close the game without alt+f4 or alt tabbing to manually close seems like a big UI oversight.


This update had some good, but most of it was artsy S#&$ that they added on a whim.

Mod menus are a joke now.

what once took a button click to do now is buried in 3-4 more buttons.

Its regressive design. 

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They were working till 5am EDT tonight to get U14 out, then passed out im sure, it was working fine for awhile then the rest of the world woke up and tried to get on and choked the servers, vor happens, just wait as soon as someone regains consciousness at DE they will fix it, they are always good about that, give them a break they worked their rhinos off to get this update out for us and it is the most ambitious one they have done yet, calm down relax and be patient.

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I currently can't log in either, with the same symptoms:  Incorrect login info, bad connection.  I did make it in once, chose prologue, and made it partway through the opening cinematic before being booted to the login screen again.


edit: Also, it takes an extremely long time (sometimes near a minute) before it will give me whatever error.  The forums are extremely slow as well.


edit edit: made through the entire opening segment and got to the ship before I got booted this time.

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guess the server is over-burdened.


never mind, DE, get some sleep first, you all deserve some rest. We can wait.



*** same as above post. started a new account with a Volt. nostalgically fun. ^__^ ***

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