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First off, DE, spend some damn money on a 5:4 aspect ratio screen already! Edges of half the menus aren't visible and the rest are squished, including Arsenal!

* The update definitely wasn't tested on anything but 16:10 aspect ratio screens. DE, please do buy a 5:4 one for testing - everything diegetic is only partially visible, while flats are squished.

* Doing anything now takes from 1 to 5 more clicks to do. This is really bad design change, and I really hope someone puts all over your designers that a change resulting in more clicks is bad change - unless it simultaneously achieves more content after said more clicks.

* ...which it doesn't. Give me my old Arsenal back, with inventory and mod menus accessible from same screen as changing weapons.

* Mods now also require flipping back and forth between menus to fuse, transform or sell. Also bad design.

* Scrolling on mousewheel while cursor is pointed at distant planet switches to that planet instantly. Can I please have scroll that doesn't arbitrarily change its function? Map planetswap to clicking the wheel or something.

* While diegetic interfaces are, surprisingly, as fast or even faster as old flats, view bobbing is EXTREMELY annoying and an option to disable it entirely and make entire diegetic menu viewable without moving camera would've been very good.

* Ability to disable annoying random messages from the ship's AI would also be preferable.

* Changing matchmaking type requires going into different menu, opening YET ANOTHER different menu, and choosing. Return matchmaking to mission select screen k thx.

Now, for bugs!

* You can slide around the Liset. Animation doesn't change, but it speeds you up and has characteristic inertia.

* Diegetic menus, Mods screen in particular, can get obscured by something in background, with rows of mod images not visible unless highlighted.

* Codex Mods screen has very bad contrast at mobs-dropping-this-mod list.

* Menus are not suited for non-widescreen resolutions. Flat appear squished, while diegetic (in-world) have their edges invisible, including bad readability of ESC menu.

* Cannot access Extractor deployed before new nodes were added to the planet.

* Codex Scans are gone. Experience stats from Profile are also gone. Presumably it's a database load error.

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I'm running on a 16:10 monitor, and even I get menus that are (slightly) wider than the screen, resulting in having to scroll back and forth to see each side. It's annoying enough on a wide-screen monitor, I would hate to see it on a 4:3 monitor.

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