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Laucher Made Me Start A New Game


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(First, Sorry for my english I'm french)



I've just launch Warframe and the game made me start a new character (fine with me, I wanted to play Volt and my firt character was Excalibur) but the problem is that I sign out/ and on again an I playing witch Excalibur all again.


So... I report the "bug" if I can call it.


That's all. Sorry if i'm in the wrong section, and sorry for my english.


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I have chose twice my character. I have done twice the "intro thing",

And if i am clear, I said that I have played first Excalibur, then, Volt and now i'm stuck with Excalibur.


Still no idea how to do...

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If you just started playing, then your first choice is the one you get.  You don't get to re-choose.  If you want another frame you'll need to collect the parts for that one and build it, or buy it from the market.

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