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U14 Ui Bugs And Feedback [Combined]


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These are both bugs and feedback so I will just place everything here instead of https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/262837-update-14-bugissue-megathread/ here. Hope everyone is okay with that.

- Mission complete screen scrolling does not always work: damage and resource info.


- Don't think the login screen has an exit button.


- Can't see the amount of keys you when looking at the void star chart.  fixed.


- Liset/character POV is way too close for me, it feels rather claustrophobic and the frame blocks most of your view IMO. Is it possible to get a POV slider to move the camera further away from the character?



- Option to zoom in during customization screen. (mouse scrolling) When hovering on the "helmet" tab you don't get closer to the frame like pre U14.


- Market already owned items green "V" mark could be a bit bigger. When owning a color pack the plat price dissappears but when owning a weapon it does not. Not sure if this was meant for buying weapons twice (example: viper+viper craft > twinviper)




- Foundry does not show what you already own.


- Not sure if it's me but when standing in my ship I can't hide the chat. The "make it a bar" option is only avaiable when pressing Escape and it will go back to being an "open chat" afterwards.




- There are still a lot of "lock ups" or "freezes" when browsing tabs in market or foundry. Amount of freezes has increased since U14 has been released.


That's about it for now, will edit if I manage to find more.

EDIT: Could we possibly get an option to see how many open lobbies there are on x planet or x node like we used too?

EDIT: Could we be able to change the lobby type while looking at the star chart? This makes it so much faster.


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