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New Update Feedback


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Definently not what I've thought it would be.


You wanted to make UI sooo stylish, and innovative and cool, but it turned out really complicated and buggy. 90% of the time when i try to log in, I fail, and I'm sure that I HAVE internet connection and i know that my login info is CORRECT, and it still won't log me in.


Now, about the new interface:


Instead of being simple, easy and cool, it turned out to be, complicated and buggy, but it is cool, i give you that. Before this update, I could've easily accessed my mods and equipment, but this interface just made it more complicated, first of all, when your warframe is standing infront of the mod display, it's blocking my view of the mods. I don't know if this is about me or the game, but the game crashes constantly with this new update, and before, it was laggy sometimes but it didn't crashed!


To make long story short, and simple, the UI is flawed, its not good, its too complicated, previous one was better, and you basicly screwed the game with this update. Don't know what else to say.

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