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Can We Please Get An Option To Revert Ui To Pre-U14?


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I wish I could use the new interface, I really do. The ship looks nice. The menus look nice. But my fps makes navigating everything hell. The upgrades screen being all floaty is driving me insane, I can't do anything. Specially with my horrible mouse sensitivity.

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Worse isn't a reflection on "looks cool" its a qualification about its UTILITY... and U14's utility is definitely WORSE... Here's why...


1. More clicks to achieve a task

2. Less information provided on more screen real estate.

3. Motion sickness from shaky UI components.

4. Color blind people are at a severe disadvantage.

5. Many previously simple tasks are now buried within menus.

6. The ability to quickly shift between actions in literally a single click has been removed... no more messing with your weapons while you wait on the next mission.

7. Mods and cards show less information.. similar to the above comment but they also show many fewer cards at once and require significantly more effort to "review"

8. the "at a glance" navigation of U13.x no longer exists.

9. Alerts/Operations lists with a convenient countdown timer is no longer prominently displayed on your screen.. you are now required to read white on white text on a small screen... so long as your frame is pointed in the right direction... again this is not an improvement it requires more actions/activity to achieve the simple task of identifying the "next" mission.

10. The new player ship does not add any story context, it doesn't improve immersion... it only serves to force controller style navigation and creates obstructions to fast and convenient navigation of in game options and mission entry

11. The Planetary system... all the planets are pretty much identical, they are no longer easy or fast to select by relative distance from the sun.  These planets also show less information... 

12. The Planetary system... Previously the number of incomplete locations was readily visible.. this is no longer the case. 

13. The Planetary system... Previously the path to unlock the next location was readily visible.. this is no longer the case.

14. ESC to view menu items? Why? Previously the menu icons were visible on the screen at all times... this is no longer the case... and it SHOULD be the case... the ESC button is a completely unnecessary level of indirection to events/actions that were previously in direct view.

15. ONLINE, INVITE, SOLO options.. previously right on the screen. And easy to access… this is no longer the case.

16. the Inventory system no longer shows the total count of supplies … instead you must migrate to a different menu to view this… previously this was not the case.

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