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Got My Kubrow, And How To Get Yours!



I named her Puppy, because why not.







Say hello to puppy!


Here is how to aquire your puppy too!


Go to Warframe

Kill Jackal

Go to Codex

Go to Quests

Begin Kurbow Quest

Get Incubator


There are two ways to do the next part.


1st Way (Easy Way): Buy kurbow starter set, and get all you need.

2nd (Harder but cheaper way): Buy BP from store and build, wait approximate time


After that, begin your incubation and Ta Da, you have your kurbow!


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Go to codex, select quests, Click on the appropriate quest, then click begin when it gives you the option. 

Alright, thanks for that, though I did look for an accept option and didn't see, maybe it had something to do with the server latency, thankfully it will get fixed soon (though DE should rest for now).

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